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Programming hobbyist since 1982
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PianoRollComposer is a simple DAW.
Compose, record, and play music with it.
Download PianoRollComposer.exe
Download 64-bit PianoRollComposer64.exe
PianoRollComposer Demo1 on YouTube (basic)
PianoRollComposer Demo on YouTube (advanced)
Using PianoRollComposer
Sample Screen
C source code (includes VST, ASIO, and WASAPI routines)
How to use EastWest's sampled instruments
How to use Native Instruments' Kontakt sampled instruments
I wrote Orchestral.mp3 / Orchestral.wav / Orchestral on YouTube using Kontakt sampled instruments
How to use Native Instruments Cuba sampled instruments
My short intro to MIDI, SoundFonts, and VST plug-ins
An explanation of the MIDI Specification
A link to a detailed explanation of the MIDI Specification
My [technical] explanation of the SoundFont Format
My [simplified] paper on writing a VST host in C
My [condensed] Music Theory

SimplePiano 1.17 is an aid for anyone learning to play piano and read music.
It shows the notes played on the treble and bass clef staffs.
The notes played are also highlighted on a 60-key on-screen piano keyboard.
You can play it using the keyboard, the mouse, or a MIDI keyboard.
The Circle of Fifths can be displayed, and when a key in it is selected, that key's signature is shown on the staffs.
Any of the eight most-used chords can be selected and played by playing the chord's root key. Chord inversions can also be selected.
A random note reading exercise is included.
Sample Screen
C source code

Simple Family Tree 1.32 enables you to create, view, and edit a family tree quickly and easily.
It displays ancestors and descendants of any selected individual.
You can add New Individual, Spouse, Child, Father, or Mother.
You can enter marriage details, a second name, events, and notes.
It reads and writes files in Gedcom format.
Full Install of Simple Family Tree ... Download
Simple Family Tree Executable only Download
Sample Screen
C source code
Sample family tree: The Kings of Europe.ged ... Right-click Here and select Save Target As or Save Link As
Sample family tree: Genesis.ged ... Right-click Here and select Save Target As or Save Link As

SimpleSkyView Download
Shows an accurate positioning in the sky of the sun, moon,
visible planets, brightest stars, and major constellations.
To see the constellations, right-click on Constellations.txt,
and select Save Link As, then copy it to the C://Users/Public folder.
Uses the equations in Celestial Calculations by J. L. Lawrence,
and Wikipedia's List of Stars by Constellation.
C source code

SimpleSolarSystem Download
Shows the Sun, Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
The positioning is from Celestial Calculations by J. L. Lawrence
and is accurate except that the moon shows 10x further from Earth.
C source code

Time is an analog clock with 9 options (S, a, n, d, T, e, s, t, ?). Download
WhatClr helps changing clock's color when pressing R, r, G, g, B, or b.
C source code

USAPhotoMaps 2.79 USED TO download aerial photo and topo map data from Microsoft's free MSRMaps.com website,
created maps with GPS accuracy, and save them on your hard drive. BUT MSRMaps.com is gone, so no maps...
Sample Screen
ADS-B explained
C source code (with ADS-B routine)

RedEye 1.8 helps you remove red-eye in digital photos ... Download
C source code

FillOutAForm 2.96 enables you to fill out either a scanned form or a PDF form on your computer and print it (or print the original form with your entries superimposed). Download
C source code

SimplePaint gives you the full screen to paint on, using a WACOM TABLET. Download
C source code
and Blackboard2 is a blackboard, also for a WACOM TABLET. Download
C source code

ViewPhotos is a photo viewer. Download
C source code

ReducePhotoSize 1.3 Download
C source code

ViewAnything 1.8 shows the raw-data contents of any file. Download
C source code

Calendar3 is a monthly scheduling calendar. Download
C source code

MyNetwork 2.1 is for file-copying between two computers on a network. Download
C source code

MySimpleFTP is an FTP client. Download
C source code

MoireScreenSaver Download
C source code

AlarmClock is a small alarm clock. It looks for "The Microsoft Sound.wav" and plays it at the set time. Download
Put The Microsoft Sound.wav in your WINDOWS/Media folder if it's not already there.
C source code
and Timer is a simple timer. It uses "timer.wav". Download
Put timer.wav in your WINDOWS/Media folder. Or make your own wave file (use PianoRollComposer) and name it timer.wav
C source code

Simple Programmer's Calculator Download
C source code

Sight Reduction Calculator Download
This shows the angle above the horizon and true bearing to any celestial object in the Nautical Almanac, using its data.
Celestial Navigation.txt
C source code

Globe is a simple full-screen, rotatable, zoomable, map of the world.
Before you run it, click on the following file names to download them:
and then move them to this folder on your computer: C:\Users\Public.
Finally, for colored elevations,
go to https://ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/topo/gltiles.html
and select All Tiles in One .zip file (in very small type underneath the tiles),
download it, unzip it, and move it to C:\Users\Public.
C source code

XPlaneNetworkData2 Download
A small heads-up display for X-Plane with lots of extra features.
Overlays X-Plane in or out of the cockpit.
It's also a good map that doesn't need X-Plane, with borders, countries, cities, rivers, lakes, and elevations displayed by color variation.
C source code
cities.csv (https://simplemaps.com/data/us-zips)


Thoughtful Solitaire If you select Show Cards, the game removes most of the luck factor --
The only luck involved is that some games can't be won because of the arrangement of hidden cards.
The program can play the game automatically in a fast, simple way (wins about 1 in 3 games).
You can go back and forth in your game's history to try different combinations.
You should win at least 4 out of 5 games.
C source code

SimpleChess Download
The board can be rotated.
You can go backward and forward in a game.
Chess pieces can be set-up anywhere on the board.
You can play against any chess engine.
You can select depth of search for the chess engine to use.
ChessAlpha2.ttf font (chess fonts)
C source code

Bridge2 is a Bridge card game in which you bid and play all 4 hands. Download
Bidding Help.zip
C source code

Checkers (you play both sides) Download
ErrorSounds.zip Unzip these sounds into the Windows/Media folder to hear something other than "beep"
C source code

Pyramid Solitaire Download
C source code

Brokeout is a Breakout game. Download
C source code

MastMind is a Mastermind game. Download
C source code

Simple Puzzle Download
C source code

Memory Game for 1 or 2 players Download
C source code

Rubic's Cube Download
Helps you follow the tutorial for solving 3x3 cube at Gancube.com
Or you can just use it manually.
C source code