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Programming hobbyist since 1982
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1. PianoRollComposer 2.57 is a MIDI Sequencer/DAW for composing, recording, and playing music.
It uses either Windows sounds, SoundFonts, or VST plug-ins to play MIDI music.
Notes are displayed in piano roll format; music looks exactly the way it sounds.
Displays up to 16 different instruments together on the standard bass and treble staffs (512 if using VST plug-ins).
Plays and displays any MIDI music; music created with it can be played by any MIDI player.
Notes can be entered and edited on the staffs, or recorded using the Virtual Keyboard or a MIDI keyboard.
Play and record up to 18 instruments together (virtual split keyboard) to orchestrate an exact sound.
Use two MIDI keyboards, each playing up to 9 instruments together to compose counterpoint music.
Add dynamics to the music with an x/y window as you play/record an instrument (or multiple instruments).
Record to and play Wave files; edit and merge Wave files.
See your voice's pitch on the staffs if you sing to a Wave file with a mic.
Write lyrics/chord names into the music.

Updated 10:55am Dec 8, 2017 ... Download
64-bit PianoRollComposer (for 64-bit VST plug-ins) ... Download
Using PianoRollComposer
Sample Screen
C source code (includes VST host, ASIO host, and WASAPI routines)

How to use EastWest's sampled instruments
How to use Native Instruments' Kontakt sampled instruments
I wrote Orchestral.mp3 / Orchestral.wav / Orchestral on YouTube using Kontakt sampled instruments
How to use Native Instruments Cuba sampled instruments
My short intro to MIDI, SoundFonts, and VST plug-ins
An explanation of the MIDI Specification
A link to a detailed explanation of the MIDI Specification
My [technical] explanation of the SoundFont Format
My [simplified] paper on writing a VST host in C
WASAPI.exe (Windows Audio Session API) WASAPI.cpp
My [condensed] Music Theory

Sample MIDI files:
Beethoven's Fur Elise ... Right-click Here and select Save Target As or Save Link As
ChildStory (a simple piano piece) ... Right-click Here and select Save Target As or Save Link As
Mendelssohn's Venetian Gondola Song from www.piano-midi.de/ ... Right-click Here and select Save Target As or Save Link As
Cristina (a nice piano piece) ... Right-click Here and select Save Target As or Save Link As
With_Or_Without_You... Right-click Here and select Save Target As or Save Link As

2. SimplePiano 1.17 is an aid for anyone learning to play piano and read music.
It shows the notes played on the treble and bass clef staffs.
The notes played are also highlighted on a 60-key on-screen piano keyboard.
You can play it using the keyboard, the mouse, or a MIDI keyboard.
The Circle of Fifths can be displayed, and when a key in it is selected, that key's signature is shown on the staffs.
Any of the eight most-used chords can be selected and played by playing the chord's root key. Chord inversions can also be selected.
A random note reading exercise is included.
Sample Screen
C source code

3. Simple Family Tree 1.32 enables you to create, view, and edit a family tree quickly and easily.
It displays ancestors and descendants of any selected individual.
You can add New Individual, Spouse, Child, Father, or Mother.
You can enter marriage details, a second name, events, and notes.
It reads and writes files in Gedcom format.
Full Install of Simple Family Tree ... Download
Sample Screen
C source code
Sample family tree: The Kings of Europe.ged ... Right-click Here and select Save Target As or Save Link As
Sample family tree: Genesis.ged ... Right-click Here and select Save Target As or Save Link As

4. USAPhotoMaps 2.79 USED TO download aerial photo and topo map data from Microsoft's free MSRMaps.com website,
created maps with GPS accuracy, and saved them on your hard drive. BUT MSRMaps.com is gone...
Sample Screen
ADS-B explained
C source code (with ADS-B routine)

5. RedEye 1.8 helps you remove red-eye in digital photos ... Download
C source code

6. FillOutAForm 2.96 enables you to fill out either a scanned form or a PDF form on your computer and print it (or print the original form with your entries superimposed). Download
C source code

7. SimplePaint gives you the full screen to paint on, using a WACOM TABLET. Download
C source code
and Blackboard2 is a blackboard, also for a WACOM TABLET. Download
C source code

8. ViewPhotos is a photo viewer. Download
C source code

9. ReducePhotoSize 1.3 Download
C source code

10. ViewAnything 1.8 shows the raw-data contents of any file. Download
C source code

11. AlarmClock is a small alarm clock. It looks for "The Microsoft Sound.wav" and plays it at the set time. Download
Put The Microsoft Sound.wav in your WINDOWS/Media folder if it's not already there.
C source code

and Timer is a simple timer. It uses "timer.wav". Download
Put timer.wav in your WINDOWS/Media folder. Or make your own wave file (use PianoRollComposer) and name it timer.wav
C source code

and Time is a simple analog clock. Download
C source code

12. Calendar3 is a monthly scheduling calendar. Download
C source code

13. MyNetwork 2.1 is for file-copying between two computers on a network. Download
C source code

14. MySimpleFTP is an FTP client. Download
C source code

15. MoireScreenSaver Download
C source code

16. PlayWave plays a .wav sound file (PianoRoll Composer does it better).
C source code

17. Voice Recorder records to a .wav file (PianoRollComposer does it better).
C source code

18. SimplePercussion 1.065 (PianoRollComposer does it better).
C source code

19. SimpleComposer 1.12 (PianoRollComposer does it better).
C source code

20. Simple Programmer's Calculator Download
C source code


21. SimpleChess Download
You play both sides, which I prefer because I get double the practice and I never lose.
You can go backward and forward in a game (try everything until you get the winning combination).
You can save and load chess games in PGN (Portable Game Notation) format.
You can set-up pieces anywhere on the board.
The following websites have games you can load into SimpleChess to learn openings as well as good chess play:
Sample Screen
C source code

22. Bridge2 is a Bridge card game in which you bid and play all 4 hands. Download
Bidding Help.zip
C source code

23. Checkers (you play both sides) Download
ErrorSounds.zip Unzip these sounds into the Windows/Media folder to hear something other than "beep"
C source code

24. PyramidSolitaire Download
C source code

25. Brokeout is a Breakout game. Download
C source code

26. MastMind is a Mastermind game. Download
C source code

27. Simple Puzzle Download
C source code

p.s. Gravity.txt